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Faster Freight - Cleaner Air (FFCA) is recognized as the nation's leading conference series on goods movement and air quality. Over the many years that the conference has been held, it has garnered significant attention and coverage in both mainstream and trade-industry press and media outlets. The following is a sampling of some of this coverage.

"Alternative fuels like natural gas play a role, but so do new attitudes and operating policies. Both lofty goals and devilish details were discussed at the Faster Freight Cleaner Air California conference in Long Beach last month, where it was clear that new attitudes and shipping operational changes go hand in hand with alternative fuels and hybrid drive technologies when it comes to cleaning the air."

Fleets & Fuels - April 6, 2009

"CSX Transportation (CSXT) is helping focus national attention on the need to address and upgrade America's transportation infrastructure in an environmentally responsible manner so the nation can better compete in the changing global economy, two of its officials told public and private sector representatives attending the Faster Freight - Cleaner Air (FFCA) East Coast conference in New York City this week. CSXT is a platinum sponsor of FFCA, the nation's leading conference on goods movement and air quality."

Miami Herald - July 9, 2008

"Our commitment to growing green is illustrated by our vision to build and operate the cleanest, greenest and most environmentally friendly intermodal facility in North America," said [BNSF Railway Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Matthew K.] Rose."

Communities Matter-Southern California International Gateway News - March 2008

"This year's Faster Freight, Cleaner Air conference drew record attendance…more than 800 attendees and presenters from across the goods movement spectrum state and federal agencies; ports across the country environmental, community, and health groups; transport agencies; unions; trucking owner-operators; transport agencies; energy companies; and manufacturers and industry representatives."

CalNGV News - March 10, 2008

"'We need to grow, but grow green,' Rose said, echoing remarks by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the same meeting [at the Faster Freight - Cleaner Air Conference]."

Los Angeles Times - February 26, 2008

"'This is not a change in the way we do business, it's a change in the way of life,' said James Hankla, president of the Long Beach Harbor Commission, during an opening address at the Faster Freight – Cleaner Air conference. 'Talk is cheap,' said S. David Freeman, Hankla's counterpart at the Port of Los Angeles. 'The time has come to get into serious action, and we have got a plateful, believe me.'"

Long Beach Press Telegram - Monday, February 26, 2007

"'We are on our way to becoming the cleanest ports in the world,' he [Long Beach Harbor Commission President Jim Hankla] said. Hankla said [at FFCA] the ports recognize their responsibility to maintain 'these two finely tuned economic engines' and to use them to bring jobs and prosperity to the region, but the ports also have an environmental responsibility as well."

Cunningham Report - Monday, March 5, 2007

"Some of the brightest minds in shipping, freight transport, energy, labor and the environment are converging in Long Beach this week for an influential conference on the clean goods movement [industry]. The event, Faster Freight – Cleaner Air 2007, provides a forum for industry and government to demonstrate new environmentally clean technology and its application to trucking, shipping, rail operations, and on-dock labor."

Long Beach Press Telegram - Monday, February 26, 2007

"A highlight of the FFCA conference is a panel discussion covering green leases – leases which implement low-emission and environmentally-friendly processes and technologies into port operations…If you think an old diesel truck is an air polluter, imagine what the same vintage diesel technology on a container carrier is doing! It's great to see this kind of proactive approach being taken by the goods movement industry."

Autoblog Green - Monday, February 26, 2007

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